Time Management

Time is a most valuable resource of which we all have equal amounts every day. It cannot be stored, borrowed, stolen or bought. All you can do is make use of it in whatever way you choose.

Although many people say they don’t have enough time, the truth is that we all have all the time there is.

This course will help participants to make the best use of the time they have available. To get the most out of the programme, participants will need to be committed to putting into practice the issues discussed. As a result the course begins with helping participants to see the bigger picture and to establish for themselves a reason to change.

Participants will learn from each other as they share their own ideas. All participants will be provided with a handbook detailing the main learning points.

Course objectives

This one day course will enable participants to be able to:

  • motivate themselves to manage time more effectively;
  • assess the effect on personal and work life of poor time management;
  • identify important tasks and prioritise accordingly;
  • make use of planning tools to manage workloads and meet deadlines;
  • deal with common interruptions more effectively;
  • share ideas and tips and create a personal action plan.